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We are a Lagos-based social enterprise that works in rural communities across Nigeria. We promote and enhance safe births, instigate behavioural change and economically empower women in Nigeria. Our enterprise supplies birthing kits to health centres, hospitals, traditional birth attendants as well as maternal and child health organisations across the country

Our Activities

Our Activities

Training of traditional birth attendants: We train traditional birth attendants on standard practices for birthing. We also encourage traditional birth attendants to make health centre referrals by teaching them how to identify visible signs that call for such referrals.
Training of community health extension workers: We train community health extension workers on improved healthcare delivery practices and we achieve this with the help of our team of trained medical personnel.
Distribution of sterile maternal kits: We produce and distribute sterile birthing kits for hygienic deliveries. The kits are sold at ultra-affordable prices to health centers, hospitals, traditional birthing homes and to individuals.
Provision of maternal health care services in rural regions and slums
Provision of advice and support to women during pregnancy and also regarding their reproductive health rights. We also advocate for improved maternal healthcare in rural areas
Provision of support to community health centers through the provision of equipments for the clinics as well as renovation of dilapidated health centers.

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